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What is Sportsville?

Sports content on social media platforms have allowed people to receive updates on their favorite teams and view sports highlights as they happen from their pockets. However, over time we have seen some of the biggest sports media platforms show favoritism towards broadcasting specific sports and athletes. This favoritism can often limit or exclude some of the world's most popular sports from being broadcasted on social media. Sportsville's goal is to change way of sports broadcasting to be inclusive of all sports. We do this by spreading the awareness of professional sports such as Rugby, Formula 1, MMA, Cricket, Action Sports, and many more to an audience of sports fans who may have an interest in more sports than what is shown to them every day.

Founded in November 2021, Sportsville is a new-age sports media company established on social media which captivates audiences of all sports using creative expression through content. Seeking the goal of building an inclusive, worldwide community comprised of sports fans, Sportsville caters unbiased reporting and presents entertaining content to millions of sports fans on a daily basis, whether the sport be mainstream or unconventional. Not only do we raise awareness for different sports, but we even successfully convert people into new fans of sports they never thought they'd like.

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