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Sportsville’s Super Bowl Predictions

It is that magical time of year again, as the NFL playoffs are heating up. This wild card weekend proved to be wild and unexpected in many ways, and plenty of favorites got sent packing. For now, though, next week’s matchups are set. The Buffalo Bills defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-17 and will face the Kansas Chiefs who beat the Miami Dolphins 26-7.  The Houston Texans defeated the Cleveland Browns 45-14 and will face Lamar Jackson and the number-one seed Baltimore Ravens.

On the NFC side, the underdog Green Bay Packers defeated the number-two seeded Dallas Cowboys 48-32 behind Jordan Love’s stellar performance and will face the number-one seeded San Francisco 49ers. The Detroit Lions beat the Los Angeles Rams 24-23 in a controversial game, and are headed to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 32-9.

Now, let’s take a look at the first game on the slate for the divisional weekend. The Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens square off from M&T bank Stadium in a game shaping up to be a duel of high-caliber quarterbacks. Both CJ Stroud and Jackson are going to lead the team on the offensive side, as neither side has a stalwart running back. Jackson especially must account for the running game for the Ravens. The Texans can counter with a linebacker spy, but Jackson is so versatile he is likely to give the Texans linebackers and secondary fits. The Texans need to lean on CJ Stroud, which is a lot to ask of a rookie in his second playoff appearance ever. Stroud played extremely well in his first playoff start, throwing for 274 yards and three touchdowns. Ultimately, experience will prevail for the Ravens.

Prediction: Ravens 31- Texans 21

The Packers and 49ers face off in a classic playoff rematch, as it seems that these two teams play each other nearly every year in the playoffs. For Jordan Love, this game is set to be a huge test as this is his first full season under center. He faces one of the most formidable defenses in the league, one led by Nick Bosa. The 49ers look to make Love uncomfortable in the pocket, as well as cut off the run. This is necessary to back up the 49er secondary, with the exception of Charvarius Ward. Aaron Jones needs to have a solid game in run blocking in support of Love to take pressure off of him so he can get the ball to the Packers’ young receiving core. Regardless, the 49ers’ pass rush will tell the story of this game.

Prediction: 49ers 28 – Packers 25

Three years ago, no one would have predicted a Buccaneers-Lions playoff game, but both franchises are turning over a new leaf. Mayfield and the Buccaneers shocked the NFL after they beat the Eagles 32-9, as he threw for 337 yards and three touchdowns. The former first-overall pick is the key in this quarterback duel against Jared Goff, a competent and decisive signal-caller. However, if the Buccaneers’ pass rush makes things difficult for Goff, the formidable tandem of Jahmyr Gibbs and David Montgomery at running back would help take the pressure off and spearhead the Lions’ attack. If the Lions’ offense can fire on all cylinders, the storybook season for the state of Michigan continues. On the other hand, Baker Mayfield needs to continue to prove everyone wrong if the Buccaneers want to make things continue to happen.

Prediction: Lions 35- Buccaneers 24

In the final game of the divisional slate, the Bills and the Chiefs meet once again. This, as to be expected, is a duel of quarterbacks who improvise almost as soon as the ball is in their hands. Josh Allen was described as a “human monster truck with the soul of a labradoodle that’s fueled by Four Loko” on social media after his 52-yard touchdown scramble, and that is not too far off from the truth. He came out of college regarded as one of the most unpredictable quarterbacks, and little has changed. The Chiefs have a formidable pass rush, and Allen has to be creative in picking them apart with his legs and his arm. He needs to devise ways to get the ball to his playmakers in James Cook and Stefon Diggs, and that involves thinking on the fly. As for Mahomes, he cannot let Von Miller and company create havoc in the backfield, and has to let the ball fly early and often. All things considered, look for Josh Allen and the Bills’ off-the rails run to continue to the AFC Championship.

Prediction: Bills 31 – Chiefs 28

AFC Championship Prediction: Bills over Ravens 35-30

NFC Championship Prediction: Lions over 49ers 28-21

If all plays out right, Lions face the Bills in the Super Bowl, a game almost unfathomable a few years ago. Due to the dynamic rushing attack and dominating offensive line of Detroit, the Bills will once again fall short in a big-time moment, despite their best efforts. The magical season for Michigan continues (minus the Pistons) and the Detroit Lions will hoist their first ever Super Bowl trophy.

Super Bowl Prediction: Lions over Bills 31-28

Obviously, these are all predictions, and the NFL has a reputation for being one of the more unpredictable sports to watch. This season is going to come to a fantastic close, and regardless of the winner, it will have been one of the more memorable NFL playoffs in recent years. Who do you think is going to go all the way? Let us know!

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