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Memphis CBB Signee and Top-100 Recruit Mikey Williams Pleads Guilty in Connection to Shooting

Blue-chip recruit and Memphis basketball signee Mikey Williams pleaded guilty to one count of making criminal threats in relation to a March 27 shooting that took place outside his house. San Diego County authorities initially charged Williams with five counts of assault with a weapon and one count of firing into an occupied vehicle and filed more charges in October.

The legal proceedings stem from an incident due to an argument, where a group of five people left the scene. Police then said someone fired multiple gunshots at their car as it drove away. Williams was arrested and his bond was set at $50,000. Superior Court Judge Kathleen M. Lewis was assigned to his case, and she seemed to be surprised that he and his legal team appeared over videoconference. However, Williams’ new co-counsel Randy Grossman said that Williams’ other attorney, Trey Owens, had a murder case to deal with and had contacted the district attorney’s office rather than the court to request to appear via videoconference.

Judge Sherry M. Thompson Taylor ordered Williams to stand trial on Oct. 10, but denied the prosecution’s request to increase Williams’ bail to $500,000. Williams has been free on a $50,000 bond since the arrest on April 13.

Williams graduated from his original high school, San Ysidro High School, after spending two years at Lake Norman Christian in Huntersville, North Carolina. He was ranked as high as 17th by 24/7 Sports, and was a four-star recruit. He signed with Penny Hardaway’s Memphis Tigers as a member of the 2023 class.

Until Williams’ legal proceedings clear, he has been away from the team and facilities, but is enrolled as an online student at the school.

As of today, Williams pled guilty to one count of making criminal threats due to the shooting. The charge is currently a felony, but Williams has the opportunity to divert it to a misdemeanor if he completes courses on gun safety and anger management before his sentencing. Williams is due before court to be sentenced on August 10, 2024, but it is likely we see him with the Memphis team before then if he completes the pretrial diversion.

In Williams’ case, the justice system serves to give him a reminder of his actions without destroying his future prospects. It is the best possible outcome in a bad situation, and a promising young man and prospect gets the chance to make the most of his talents.

Obviously, the situation is not ideal, but Williams has the opportunity to put this behind him and showcase his gifts on a national stage before a professional basketball career.

As always, Williams and anyone charged with a crime are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and the world wishes nothing but the best for him after this.

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