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  • Isabella Beltran

How Two Signings Turned MLB Fans Against The Dodgers

Are The Los Angeles Dodgers the most hated team in Major League Baseball right now?

Short answer is yes, but the reasoning isn't very good.

After the signings of two- way superstar, Shohei Ohtani and young ace Yoshinubu Yamamoto, majority of Baseball fans aren’t very happy and feel as though “Dodgers are ruining baseball”. For what though?

Many teams were all hands on deck with the two stars, but at the end of the day it all comes down to what the players want, not the fanbases and front office.

Shohei Ohtani’s contract isn’t a very common one, to put it into easier terms, Ohtani will be getting paid $20 Million for the 10 years he is with the Los Angeles Dodgers for. After his time is done, he will be earning $680 million.

But why are fans angry at this you may be wondering? Well, pretty much any team in the league can afford 20 million for any player, and 100% would’ve given that much to Ohtani. However, just because any team can afford that doesn’t necessarily mean that is what Ohtani wanted. The Dodgers naturally attract these superstars as we have seen with Freddie Freeman and Mookie Betts. Ohtani wanted to finally make the playoffs, and do it with a team that makes the playoffs consistently. No other team really has that and it is very hard to compete with The Los Angeles Dodgers as they’re building the best team  in the league and can pretty much afford the best players in the free-agency market, which is already enough for fans to not like them.

Here is also a reminder that The Los Angeles Dodgers aren’t even at number 1 for highest payroll. The New York Mets hold that title. Steve Cohen is also very open to spending however much it takes to land the player he needs to build a team good enough to make the post season, but after trying to pursue ohtani, they’re back to looking at other options. 

The bigger issue here  and what is really upsetting fans is the fact that the Dodgers literally just spent 1.2 Billion dollars on two players, and many teams do not have that luxury.

For years now, many fans all over the world have been basically begging for a salary cap, which gives teams in MLB a certain amount of money they can spend on players’ salaries. Meaning that all teams will have the same spending amount, but just need to be extra careful with how much they’re paying their players. Which is honestly reasonable but will MLB ever actually implement this rule? 

No they will not, according to Tony Clark director of the MLB players’ union, agreeing on a salary cap ultimately means you could be underpaying a player and not paying them enough for what they can do

 “A salary cap is the ultimate restriction on player value and player salary. We believe in a market system. The market system has served our players, our teams and our game very well.” said Clark.

Do you feel as though fans should be angry at The Los Angeles Dodgers? Will fans ever get the salary cap they want?

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