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  • Isabella Beltran

How A World Series Ring Would Top Corbin Carroll’s Historic Season

Since the very beginning of the 2023 season, rookie Corbin Carroll has been turning heads like no other.

Without a doubt Corbin Carroll is one of the best rookies right now. Not once has Carroll disappointed the Diamondbacks this season, since joining he has put up outstanding numbers in such a short amount of time. During the 2023 regular season, Carroll has had 565 at bats, with 161 of them being hits, 25 homeruns, 76 RBIs, 54 stolen bases, 7.4 WAR, .368 xwOBA, and a 133 wRC+.

As far as fielding goes, Carroll is definitely one of the best Left fielders currently. Some important statistics you may want to consider, 336 PO, .994 FP, and a 9 OAA. Also keep in mind that Carroll’s fielding percentage is above average, making him an excellent left fielder. Carroll’s high OAA also shows that the plays he is able to make, a handful of other player’s are unable to make. Which only boosts his value as a player. A young player for that matter.

These stats are also definitely rookie of the year numbers, which would also add onto Carrolls incredible season. Could we possibly witness a first ring and a rookie of the year award? The chances of the one in a million rookie receiving this award is very high, considering the numbers he is putting up and how fun he has been to watch this 2023 season.

If Carroll does end up winning NL ROY, that would make him the second diamondback player to win the award.

It is 100% safe to say Corbin Carroll has helped lead the Diamondbacks to the 2023 World Series. Teammates expressed how lucky they are to have a young guy like Corbin on the team. His attitude and humbleness is admirable, especially his love for baseball, “He's so regimented. Everything he does, every day. He has a plan. He prepares the right way. I think of myself at that age, I had none of that. He's had that from the time I met him. That's part of what makes him so successful. Sticking to that routine. That's not easy when you're young in this game." Said Evan Longoria.

We have a few games left until we see who ends up winning the World Series. Carroll has done his damage so far, with two homeruns,16 hits, and 10 RBI’s. What more can we look forward to from the young star in this World Series?

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